4 Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Security Systems

Getting a home security system is a big move for some homeowners. It adds strict, adequate security for the home to protect it from intruders, but many homeowners might have a few questions that they might not easily find answers to.

Such questions include what kind of security system allows automatic police contact, and is it better than a conventional security system? Can I get a security system if I plan to move or live in a rental home? And what do I need to do to get registered with the local police department? These questions are answered in great detail down below.

What Are Monitored And Unmonitored Home Security Systems?

Monitored and unmonitored are two types of home security systems with one key difference. With a monitored system, the alarm will notify the police, and with an unmonitored system, they will not be unless you notify them yourself. With unmonitored home security systems, you will still be notified, but in times of danger or panic, contacting the police might not be of convenience for the person or people affected. The only upside to an unmonitored system is that the monthly fee that comes from monitoring is not present. Monitored security systems, however, are worth it, and the extra expenses are not all that extravagant. So more often than not, you will want a monitored system so that police are already called if a break-in occurs.

Can I Register My Home Security System With The Local Authorities?

Whether or not you are required to register your security system with the police is according to the regulations of the county in which you live. If you would like our opinion, however, it is mostly a good idea to register than not. If you get home security systems in Bakersfield, you should already be registered with connections to the authorities when all is said and done, so there is not anything else you have to do to be sure that law enforcement is standing by in the event of a security breach.

Should I Install A Home Security System If I Rent?

If you own your home outright, you have much more flexibility with what you can do to install security. There are virtually no limitations, whether you would like a wired or wireless system on a monthly or yearly contract. You still would like to make wise decisions based on your home’s needs, such as how many sensors and cameras are necessary, and where they should go outside or inside the house.

If you rent a home, you might still be able to install a home security system, but you may have much fewer options. A cellular alarm system could be your best choice, and considering that your landlord owns the home, drilling holes for the hardware might be off limits.

Can I Take My Home Security System With Me If I Move?

If you are looking to move, whether it be sooner or later, you can certainly take your home security systems in Bakersfield with you. However, you might be charged for labor and expenses necessary to properly uninstall and reinstall the system. Also, your contract might be restructured due to the installation process. We highly recommend that you do not try to uninstall the security system on your own.


Home security systems are entirely worth the investment, and hopefully, there are some things that you have learned about them to incline you to decide on whether or not to get one. Keep your home safe with a monitored security system as soon as possible.