4 Reasons To Not Get Dummy Security Cameras

Security systems are the only way to see your home or business from all angles, record crimes as they happen, or prevent them from happening entirely. They are wonderful to have and come with several benefits for your property and/or business. However, some home and business owners opt to save money and buy what is called “dummy cameras.”

Dummy cameras are cameras that serve no purpose other than to give bystanders the impression that you have a real security system in place. They cost much less than having a real security system, and they can feel just as intimidating like a gun without any ammo, but there are several reasons why investing in them is not a good idea. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t purchase dummy security cameras over real cameras.

1. They Don’t Record Anything

Because dummy cameras don’t work, you won’t be getting the footage you need if something does happen at your home or business. If you ever were to report any acts of crime, it would certainly help matters if you got the footage caught on tape so that the authorities can help. With that said, get alarm systems Bakersfield with cameras that work and can prepare you for the worst that could happen.

2. They Could Be Illegal To Set Up

Surveillance cameras are meant to give people, no matter if it’s your family, your employees, or visitors a sense of security. If you lead them to believe that they are protected by security, when that security doesn’t exist, you could face the consequences of liability if something were to go wrong and the security they rely on turns out to be fake. If you were to opt with, alarm systems Bakersfield, however, that would never be a possibility.

3. They Won’t Trick Everybody

A fake camera can easily fool novice thieves, but there are things that more experienced ones can pick up on to determine if a camera is fake. Fake cameras, for one, will come with a light that blinks red. No real security camera has any blinking lights. Rather than give off the impression of being a safe place, the opposite might be implied if a clever-enough intruder can tell if your cameras aren’t real. Rather than having good security, they’ll see that you have no security.

You will have to buy security signs to place outside your home or place of business to better convince bystanders that you have a secure property, but fake signage can also pose a problem for you by chance that a person will still commit a crime.

4. They’re Just As TIme-Consuming To Set Up As A Real Security System

Much like real security cameras, there are strict guidelines that you must adhere to set up fake cameras. They need to be placed in appropriate locations, so they cannot overlook other people’s’ property, even if they are fake. You cannot just install one that quickly either unless you don’t want it to look as real as possible. It doesn’t make much sense to jump through many hoops to set up a camera that isn’t meant to work.

Additionally, knowing that fake cameras don’t work, you likely won’t feel any safer at home or your business. A real security camera can monitor your property to prevent danger and show evidence of what might happen inside or around your property. Be sure to get a quality security system from the best security company in Bakersfield.