About Us

M & S Security Services is a family owned and operated company providing guard and alarm installation services to all of Kern County.  We have been serving the San Joaquin Valley since 1972. Although, we are the only local company offering both guard services and alarm systems, the complete package.  Our team handles all types of business from residential to multi-facility large corporate clientele. Many of our customers have been with us since our inception in 1972. M & S Security Services, Inc. currently has offices in Bakersfield and Taft to better serve the area.


M & S Security Services, Inc. has been providing quality guard services since 1972. Stationary officers, patrol service and alarm response, make up the majority of the protective services we provide. Depending on your situation we can formulate a plan to improve your losses drastically. Small business, strip malls, homes, churches, schools, gas & oil leases, farms, and extensive large industrial facilities are just some of the customers we serve. From weekend coverage to officers present 24/7 we can provide protection depending on your needs and budget. All of our officers a fully uniformed and undergo 40 hours of training as required by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.


M & S Security Services, Inc.’ s alarm division has been installing and servicing alarm systems, fire systems, and video surveillance from the beginning in 1972. The technology in this field has exploded over the years, and we have been on the cutting edge of this very diverse industry. We can fabricate very large elaborate one-off multifunctional layered systems and create something very specific depending on the need of the customer. We install residential alarms and compose much more industrial applications regularly. Whatever you need, we can custom make a system that will keep your property safe and secure.


As you can see M & S Security Services, Inc. has experience in a wide array of security services from our stationary officers and patrol to complex electronic surveillance systems.  We have been providing tailor-made protective measures since 1972. We can offer protection for your home or business at a reasonable cost and provide you with authentic interactive security experience.


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