Security and Insurance: How You Can Save Big When You Have Both

Getting sufficient insurance is a very huge commitment for any home or business owner. In a way, it’s like paying for a loss in small increments every now and then, rather than paying for huge amounts of money unexpectedly for any repairs or replacements.

If you have been avoiding getting insurance, or are looking for cheaper alternatives, we’re happy to inform you that buying and owning a security system from the right security companies in Bakersfield can save you money on insurance premiums. If you want to keep your family or assets safe, we honestly don’t see why anybody wouldn’t want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Many insurance companies offer significant savings for business and homeowners when they add the requisite security to their property. You can save up to 20 percent on insurance premiums, which is never a bad thing. While there are obvious upfront costs in getting a good security system installed, it will literally pay for itself in the long run.

Just having a proper security system installed will prevent burglars from attempting to break into your property. Studies have researched that 4 of every 5 thieves check for security systems before deciding to break into a home, and 3 of every 5 thieves leave if they find one. As effective as security systems can be, a well secured premises are almost never breached by intruders. Some thieves at least know what they would get themselves into.

Your insurance premiums could be lowered even further, even though this ultimately depends on the insurance provider you are partnered with. With more features you buy with your security system, the less you might end up paying. A monitored smoke detector, for example, serves as an indicator to insurance providers that your home has a smaller chance of burning down compared to a home with a normal smoke alarm. The end result is you are paying less in premiums, as insurers don’t see your home as likely to suffer fire damage compared to others.

A security system also makes it less likely for you to experience an increased deductible. After a home gets broken into, the insurance company will raise the deductible, which is a fee that the victim needs to pay out of their pocket before insurance coverage takes its effect. Having a security system in place will keep your deductible low, so even if you do experience a burglary or vandalism, you won’t need to pay much out of your pocket, if ever.

And with that said, the costs it would take to replace damaged or stolen goods or property would mostly be covered by the insurance company. With a great security system at your home or business, you can provide more evidence than usual about the incident to help determine what the insurance company can do for you. However, even if the provider covers your assets after you have met your deductible, you might not get the equal value of every item damaged or stolen. So, it is still expected for you to pay some money to fully replace what you lost, but with a security system, you will be paying less.

As you can see, a security system at your home or place of business comes with various advantages that you will have with your insurance provider. The best time to prepare for security breaches is before they even happen. Act now to prevent months of lost money and recovery. With great support from security companies in Bakersfield, as well as big savings from your insurance provider, you have everything you need for a worry-free future for your home or business premise.