Simple Ways to Secure your Bakersfield Home


Installing high-end home security systems Bakersfield is a great way to protect your home and keep your loved ones safe. With the rising cases of residential burglaries, not having a security system only puts your family and assets at risk.


A burglary happens every 20 seconds in the US, according to year 2015-statistics by the FBI. In another survey, there were over 1.57 million residential burglaries in the US in 2015 alone, accounting for more than $3.6 billion in losses, or an average of about $2,316 loss per burglary.


The reality is we can all be part of these statistics because it’s not like we live in a fortress or some high-security places. If burglars are intent on breaking into your home, they will likely – after all, all they need to gain access is a hammer or a rock to break the window or door glass. And that’s just one way – there are several other ways to enter a home. But you don’t have to make it easy for the burglars. Installing home security systems Bakersfield is a great way to protect your home in a way that will make it unattractive to burglars.


If you like the sound of that, here are simple ways to secure your Bakersfield home.


Get smart door locks


If you tend to forget locking your doors, then a smart door lock may be the solution you need to keep intruders away. Most smart locks can be locked or unlocked remotely through a smartphone application. Others can even be designed to work with other smart home devices to sense whether or not you are at home and lock your doors automatically if you are out.


Lock your windows


Burglars can gain easy access to your home through open or unlocked windows. So, you always want to lock them after enjoying a breeze. It’s a good idea to use drapes to cover your interior so that intruders can’t have a snoop of what’s inside.


Install security camera


Doorbell video cameras, security cameras, and desktop/mobile camera software can allow you to monitor any suspicious activities or unwelcomed visitors. It can also help identify an intruder when they manage to break into your home. Most importantly, having security cameras in place is enough to scare potential intruders away.


Install a home security system


Just like cameras and other security measures, these systems help to keep burglars at arm’s length. The market offers a range of home security options for huge budgets and different protection levels. The right system for you will depend on your needs. Things like alarm systems, safes, and so on should also be integrated into your home security.


Light up everything


Remember, intruders and burglars, are just scared individuals trying to survive off your sweat. They can hardly walk with confidence while on your property – especially when they are uncertain of whether someone’s home or not. Make it even harder for them by lighting up your outdoors and ensuring that the bushes are nicely trimmed.




Following the tips mentioned above can help you ward off potential intruders and burglars. However, you also need to be vigilant regarding security to protect your loved ones against break-ins. Working with expert security companies, not posting your vacation on social media and corporation with your neighbors can go a long way in your fight against break-ins.