When Should You Replace Your Home and Business Security Cameras?


With the available technology today, consumers end up spending on products that last shorter than advertised. When installing a security system, you likely are wondering how long security cameras last just so you can know what to expect and be prepared to buy more cameras once the current cameras are no longer usable.


Not to mention, like with smartphones, there are security cameras considered upgrades that camera manufacturers come out with every now and then, so even if your cameras are still good, you probably want to know if it’s an idea worth pursuing your home security systems Bakersfield.


Allow us to explain when you should replace your security camera after we install your system at home or at your business.


How Long Can Security Cameras Last?


Security cameras that don’t malfunction or get damaged can last a good ten years or even more. For many cameras, some can still give you great picture quality while others have their quality declining over time. We recommend keeping your cameras for ten years if possible, and if the picture quality is still good, keep them; otherwise, replace them. If your footage gets blurry due to the aging hardware, you won’t want to rely on it to capture what could be important details on a possible suspect. If you come across a new security camera with a certain feature you are dying to have, feel free to have your camera replaced sooner, but since owners simply use cameras to record footage, there likely isn’t such a feature that might intrigue you for a while.


Recording Device


The recording device inside your cameras will need to be replaced sooner, however. After five years of nonstop recording, it will be about time to replace this device so that it can continue to record with no issues. Cameras can record up to 30 to 90 days, but rather than stop recording when their memory is full, they just tape over the oldest footage. If you want to keep footage for every single day, then you would have to replace a memory card or other unit much sooner. But unless your cameras capture an act of crime or something else that is out of the ordinary, not many security system owners want to do this.




If your security camera runs on batteries, you will surely have to replace them a number of times before you replace the entire camera. Batteries in some cameras can last as long as two years, while others can last much shorter because of their limited capabilities with batteries. Many home security systems require complicated setups in order for cameras to be installed in certain positions and areas around your property. If this setup is too much for you to compromise or deal with often, we suggest that you get security cameras that can deliver on that two-year battery life.


Will It Be Expensive to Replace A Security Camera?


Once you already have a security system, you’ve likely already invested the most money at a given time in paying for the system and having it installed. When it comes time to have your camera(s) replaced, they won’t cost much money at all if your security system still works. Do not worry about replacing cameras, as the cost of new cameras can work inside many people’s budgets.




Although security cameras last longer than ten years, it is important to make a decision on replacing them sooner based on the picture quality. Internal parts like batteries and memory devices need to be replaced sooner for the camera to continue to work.